Status Update

I received my official departure date from the Peace Corps. staging unit a few weeks ago.  This included a one-way ticket to Ponhphei, FM and detailed information regarding the three-month-long Peace Corps. volunteer training process.

June 1st, I will fly from Sacramento to Honolulu, HI for registration. This process will take three days and be the first time I meet my 40 person cohort face-to-face. Then, I will be on a  flight to Pohnphei for training. The training process will include learning multiple language dialects, cultural norms and TEFL techniques. Each day I will be learning and studying for long hours in order to insure my success in my new home country, Therefore, it will be difficult for me to communicate with family and friends at this time, but I promise you will know that I’m alive!

During training only, letters and packages can be sent to this address:

Jasmin Taylor, Peace Corps Trainee

Peace Corps/Micronesia

PO Box 9

Kolonia, Pohnpei, FM 96941

Ps. I would love letters filled with personal updates, positive vibes and bible versus!


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