Status Update 2: My home in Kosrae, Micronesia

Hello! I’ve been living at my permanent site in the state of Kosrae for a little more than one month now. Kosrae is one of the four states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia, in the Northern Pacific Ocean. The state is about 2,476 miles from Hawaii. Its island is 8 by 10 miles, a little bigger than the place I left my heart, San Francisco. There are about 8,000 people that currently call the island home.

DSC00472Along with myself, there are three other Peace Corps. Volunteers and two Peace Corps. Response Volunteers that reside in Kosrae. I live in the second most outer village called Utwe; it’s about 30-mintues driving from the next volunteer and 40-mintues from town. Utwe is very secluded from the rest of the villages. The asphalt road that leads to town ends halfway through my village. When I am in town it’s  common for people to seem surprised to see me and ask how I got to town that day, Utwe seems extremely far when you live on a small island.

The elementary school where I teach is a close walking distance from my home-stay. I have been helping teach third grade oral communication and reading, as well as fifth grade writing. The English language is introduced in the classroom in third grade. One challenge that I have faced is the variety of English skill levels my students have. Some of the students come from families who have connection in the states especially Hawaii; these students have English levels that exceed the Department of Educations expectations while many others are far behind. I have had a lot of fun teaching so far. My students have become my best friends. (Most of the 20 something’s in my village, and Kosrae are married with children.) So, when I go for a walk to the beach or store, I’m bound to be accompanied by one of my fellow students, they always help me practice my Kosraean language on the way.

I look forward to posting more updates now that I have stable internet connection, however, photos uploaded to my Flickr page will take longer, sislouh kolu (sorry).

Until next time or kuht faht osun (Goodbye)!

3 thoughts on “Status Update 2: My home in Kosrae, Micronesia

  1. I was a PCV in Utwe from 06-08. Just went back this past winter so my family could meet my wife. Was missing my time there and did a search for peace corps kosrae, and your blog came up. You probably already know this, but live it up now because you will miss it more than you can possibly imagine after you leave. Climb Mount Finkol at some point.


    • Hi Jay!
      Wow, how amazing! I’m happy that your PCV experience was positive. I really enjoying my time so far at the elementary school and am still looking to explore the wonders of Utwe. I told my host family about your message and they were very excited and wondering what your Kosraean name was and the name of your host family?


      • I went by Nena and lived at Inpuspusah. Tell Ninac Betsilie I said hi if you see her. And Pastor Madison was the on-island Peace Corps Kosrae director or whatever when I was there. Anyway, yeah, enjoy the hard days as much as the ecstatic days. You’ll never get to do something like this every again, even if you go on to live and work abroad. (Definitely travel on your way back, too–nothing more exciting than living in a foreign country and then going on vacation to another foreign country.) I’ll stop there 🙂


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