Camp G.L.O.W June 29 – 30, 2016



Camp G.L.O.W Kosrae 2016, 8th Grade Class of 2016


Last week the Kosrae Peace Corps team held a successful two-day Camp G.L.O.W (Girls Leading Our World).

Twenty-three 8th grade graduate girls attend the camp. Throughout the two days the girls participated in leadership games, education panels and hands on trainings.

Kosrean girls don’t have opportunities to feel empowered in their patriarchal  society. The purpose of our camp was to provide the recent 8th grade grads with the opportunity to build a  support system with their fellow female classmates while also learning that they can be leaders in the communities.

Throughout the camp the girls heard success stories from working women in their communities, learned about reproductive health and CPR. They also participated in fitness activities and learned how to be leaders and also work in teams.

The most difficult part I found in organizing the camp was funding. Our Let Girls Learn grant application had fallen through at the last minute, so our team scrambled to find 100 percent community contributions. We were able to gain financial support from the Kosrae Utility Authority and the Kosrae State Youth Council. This support was more than enough to provide food and materials for our camp. We also had generous help from the Bank of Guam, which paid for our venue and shelter for the campers. The Department of Education was also very generous in providing tables and chairs. We were so thankful to have all of this last minute support from the community.

With everything in place, at the end of the camp the girls gave us positive feedback on the camp. Marisa (M81) and I look forward to making the next Camp G.L.O.W bigger and better with in incoming M82s.


Girls learn to work together in the game ‘Coke and Pepsi’.

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