Hello and Lenwo! I am no longer in the FSM, but please feel free to contact me regarding my Peace Corps experience. 


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  1. Hi Jasmin! my names Aly and I just found out that I’ve been invited to go to Micronesia and I have about three months to get my life (and suitcase) in order. I came to your travel blog a few times when i first applied and it definitely helped me to understand what the daily life would be like. I thank you for that! I was wondering, though, is there anything about your packing list that you posted that maybe you would change upon reflection? For example, my dad gave me a water purification system but I feel like most PCVs probably just allow themselves to get sick at first so their bodies can adjust to the new bacteria. Do you think i’d be smart to bring it or should I save the space in my bag?


    • Hi Aly! Congrats on your invitation to PC Micronesia! I would recommend that you leave the water system behind or return it if possible. Here is why: During your 3 months of training Peace Corps will make sure you have purified water, also your host family during training will make sure or help you to boil and store your water. You will always have clean water during training. Peace corps will teach your host family to boil water for 5min to kill all bacteria. My host family would by jugs of water for a hot/ cold water dispenser they had, so I never had to worry. There was also a water system at the training site, you can always fill up your water bottles there before the end of the day.
      Now that I am at my permanent site it is very easy to boil water. The few times that I have been sick was from drinking water at community parties… But of course bring your own water bottle everywhere you go. I’m not sure if the outer island volunteers have a more difficult time boiling and storing water, or if the water still looks dirty after it has been boiled…
      If your dad is able to return the system for now and wait until you discover if you need one once you are at your permanent site, that would be your best bet.
      My sister bought me a UV light hand held water petrifaction thing and I have to used or have no need for it. Boiling is the best way to go. I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else!


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