Care Package Wish List

A tough day at school triggered my first feeling of homesickness here in Kosrae. I walked home from school with a rumble in my tummy, got home and immediately opened the fridge hoping to find something to satisfy both my hunger and homesickness. Inside the fridge was a lone open bucket of miscellaneous meat. I started to cry. Well, I didn’t actually cry, but the feeling was present and I realized that there are many comforting foods I’m missing in Kosrae that would help lift up my emotions (Can you tell that I’m American?). If you have the means to send a care package my way, my heart will greatly appreciate your kindness. *An updated version of my address can always be found on my contact page.*

Tea: Jasmine, flavored green, Rose, Early Grey teas please send satchels that come in individual plastic wrapping or packages that come in a tin. The paper wrapped bags tend to get moist and attract bugs.

Sweet Treats: Little Debbie Snacks. Holliday themed cakes would make me so happy!

Snacks: Cliff and or Kashi bars.

Trader Joe’s: Canned Dulmas (Grape leaves stuffed with rice), boxed Indian Lentils, Punjab Choley, Palak Paneer. Tiger’s Milk protein bars.

Canned: Bush’s Baked Beans (I love the different flavors like maples brown sugar,the ones with onions and peppers, like sweet mesquite.)

Food Stuff: I really miss pasta! Individual microwavable pasta bowls. I love stroganoff, alfredo and asian flavors, also individual microwavable mac and cheese.

Cleaning: Lynsol/Clorox wipes, dryer sheets (smallest package).

Newspapers: Sacramento Bee, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Post.

School supplies: I’m fortunate to have a school that is pretty well off, however, students always need pencils, they can be holiday pencils that you find on super sale.